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Maintenance Management Software

We partner with the #1 facility maintenance system, Hippo CMMS! Smart Buildings Hawaii is the #1 provider of maintenance management software in Hawaii!

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What is a maintenance management software?

It is a program that empowers facility team by automating management of maintenance repairs, workflows, and tracking costs. Also called CMMS or computerized maintenance management system), it helps facilities team to be proactive rather than reactive with how it approaches maintenance.

Instant benefits:

Voted easiest system to learn with our simple intuitive layout and graphical interface.

Local support! We are based in Hawaii and here to help every step of the way.

Reduce equipment downtime to a minimum. Extend asset life, increase availability, and cut maintenance costs overall.

Supercharge your maintenance department with automation! Stay on top of PM's and work requests!

Significant savings onboarding, training, and support compared to our mainland competitors.

Automate preventative maintenance scheduling.


Standard features of a maintenance management software

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Asset Management

Take control of assets throughout their entire life cycle. Create digital versions of all manuals, schematics, warranties, and complete searchable histories of all maintenance and repairs, and then make them accessible from anywhere, at any time. Accurately tracking associated costs and downtime delivers data-driven decision-making on repair or replace.

Preventive maintenance scheduling

Stay one step ahead of the maintenance curve by finding and fixing small issues before they grow into big problems. Establish maintenance routines and schedule PMs by meter or calendar. Track PM close-out rates and fine-tune your program with accurate, reliable data. Take out the guesswork and stop over and under maintaining your assets.

Inventory control

Get the right part at the right time for the right price. Stop wasting money on idle technicians waiting on expensive rush deliveries. Set min, max levels and estimated lead times for all parts and materials, and then automatically track inventory through associated work orders. The levels adjust automatically when technicians close out, the CMMSsoftware notifies you when you need to order more stock, and then it partially automates the process through the purchase order module.

Work order management

Streamline work order workflows at every step. Start by collecting standardized maintenance requests through the open portal. Then generate, prioritize, delegate, work orders packed with the data technicians need to boost efficiency. Technicians can add task comments and upload images for clear two-way communication. Track work orders from assignment to close-out, with the option to visually inspect work remotely prior to approval.


Convert raw data into actionable intelligence. Take control of your budget by seeing the maintenance big picture and knowing exactly where you're spending your time and money. Enforce accountability by creating transparency. Finally, you know which assets are costing you the most and which resources are delivering the least. Autogenerate graphic- and KPI-rich reports that can be shared up and down the organizational chart.

Is CMMS software right for your department?

Do any of these sound familiar? Unreliable data on maintenance history, costs, and other KPIs Disorganized inventory and asset management Piled-up work orders Unplanned, costly repairs Increased downtime, lowered productivity Incomplete preventive maintenance tasks.

Hippo Mobile App:

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Work order management

Generate, view, and update work orders. Access information on due dates, instructions, checklists, images, manuals, and parts. Everything technicians need to troubleshoot and closeout efficiently while staying on the go.

Offline data sync

Edit work orders, create assets, and track time offline, then sync when you reconnect to the Internet. Don't worry about remembering to log important information. Hippo Mobile remembers everything for you.

Barcode scanning

Access comprehensive asset information instantly, including digital manuals and schematics, by scanning barcodes with your mobile device’s built-in camera. Associate new barcodes to existing assets to build out your database.

Time tracking

Log time directly in the app using the built-in timer or manual entry. Track effort and efficiency for increased transparency and accountability.

Task comments

Add comments to work order tasks for real-time communication with your team. Get confirmation and keep notes on every step toward completion and close-out.

Direct image upload

Capture and add photos directly to work orders. Record completed work with pictures and request virtual visual inspections. Every picture saves you time and typing.

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